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Our British car club often conducts games and contests (including 50-50 draws) at our monthly meetings (as well as at other special club events). One of the fun games we conducted, called Mystery Marques, was to post pictures of many automotive marques around the room and ask participants to identify the auto manufacturer.

I’d like to get suggestions from car clubs about other interesting, easy and fun games to operate.

Any suggestions??

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  1. Cecil Abingdon
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    Here is a game/puzzle you might consider:
    12 automotive phrases are written onto 12 pieces of card stock.
    the 12 pieces are then cut into 4 sections (perhaps with unusual shapes) so there are 4 pieces per puzzle.
    the cuts should be made so the words are not identifiable on their own – only when put together.
    mix up the pieces very well and distribute the pieces
    1 piece per couple (8 people per table)
    96 people = 12 tables = 48 couples = 48 pieces
    Party attendees mill about and try to locate the other pieces that would complete the phrase!
    Automotive Phrases:
    01 – spark plug
    02 – gear box
    03 – water pump
    04 – rad hose
    05 – wheel cover
    06 – head lamp
    07 – jack stand
    08 – banjo bolt
    09 – hard top
    10 – boot lock
    11 – dash light
    12 – dual carbs

    I can supply the template we used for the puzzle pieces.

  2. Kimberly Abingdon
    | Reply

    Here is another picture puzzle game: The Drinking Straw Puzzle Relay

    8 ‘team’ members, each with a drinking straw

    paper pictures of significant things/items cut into 8 or 16 pieces; sort of like jigsaw puzzle pieces

    figure out what the picture is

    each team member has to move his/her pieces into place with only the straw – NO HANDS!

    and here are some suggestions for the pictures to be cut into jig-saw pieces:
    What Is Scotland Famous For?????

    Balmoral Castle
    Glenffidich Distillery
    Highland Games
    Royal Stewart Tartan
    St. Andrews Golf Course
    Ben Nevis Mountain
    Callanish Standing Stones
    Fried Haggis Porridge and Black Pudding
    Glenfinnan Viaduct
    Loch Ness Monster
    Oldest Tree in Europe
    Robert Burns Cottage
    Wild Goats on Swatte fell
    Louns and Quine are Boys and Girls
    Skara Brae

    Let me know if you need the JPGs of these images. I’ve got them

  3. Joey Bee
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    Try this game: It’s called: People_Places_and_Things:

    22 pictures are placed around the room (numbered 1 thru 22).
    Participants are given a blank form with spaces for 22 entries.
    Participants wander about the room and view the pictures
    Participants enter the name of the “People” or “Places” or “Things” on the blank form.
    We tried this at the Ottawa MG Club Christmas Party; quite successful [although some of the 22 pictures are very Ottawa specific, so new pictures may have to be selected to be more broadly well known]
    I have the JPGs of the 22 people/places/things we put on display. Let me know if you would like to see them.

  4. Guy Campapagnaro
    | Reply

    How about a box of clean British car parts with numbers attached.
    See who can correctly identify the most parts and win a prize

  5. Joey Bee
    | Reply

    Here is a game where each participant gets an envelope with 8 small paper tiles/letters inside.
    The participant must arrange the 8 tiles/letters into an 8-letter word.
    Pre-game preparation:
    24 alphabet letters (a thru Z; NO X; NO Z) X 4 words for each letter = 96 words
    Words are cut into individual tiles/letters
    (be sure the line below the letter is included with the letter to distinguish: n from u / uppercase-lowercase)
    [number the envelopes to match the source words so solutions can be easily given]

    96 envelopes: each envelope holds the tiles/letters for one of the words

    I can supply the list of 96 eight-letter words that can be printed and cut into tiles/letters.

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